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Two Locations:  3424 Carson St., suite 580 in TORRANCE  and 2665 30th St. suite 217 in SANTA MONICA

Helping others has been my passion ever since I went through my own personal journey of healing.  My father died when I was a young child and his death changed who I was.  Learning to live without him was a terribly difficult task for a young girl; I had no idea who I was and felt completely empty and alone. At the same time, I was determined to be a survivor, not a victim.

My experience was that I felt trapped. Trapped in my grief; trapped in this story that was not of my choosing and there was no way out.  I think when you have a bad childhood you are at the mercy of what happens to you.  You are not the master of your own life.  You have to deal with life based on this deck of cards you were dealt, but the hurts were not ones you created.  The foundation that other people have, which sets the groundwork for a great life, is missing from the lives of people who are raised without parents.

For me this sense of feeling lost, without a path, led to a bottom as a young adult.  I had to start over; I had to make a new story for my life, one that was of my own choosing and not the one I had been handed. But I did not write this story on my own. I needed to seek help, and once I did, I gained command of my own life and was able to clearly choose the path that was best for me. As an adult, I came to understand myself better and to know that I was not alone in my journey. Many people have been through very difficult times.  These difficulties shape people’s lives and affect everything around them: their careers, relationships, even their ability to be good parents.

I knew that my journey would lead me to helping others discover their own path. Twenty years ago, I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and began assisting people along their own journeys.  If you’re looking for a guide, I can help you.

If you’re dealing with an issue like this, I would be happy to help.  Please reach out by calling my office at 310-314-6933 or sending me a private email.

How does this journey start?

It starts with a simple desire to learn what you didn’t know; the things you were not taught and could never grasp from a book, the Internet, from your friends or lovers.  How can you know what you don’t know?  The answer is, you can’t.  But if you’re struggling with a sense that this is not the life you were meant to live, I can help you untangle from your feelings the life you’re meant to lead.  Many of my clients are struggling with a sense of being all alone in the world.  Some are lonely or angry or frustrated that life (and love) don’t work out the way they always thought it would.

I’m here to tell you that this can all change for the better.

  • If you’re experiencing sadness or loneliness, you can overcome it.
  • If you’re frustrated that you never seem to find the right person to date, we can work on changing your patterns so you attract better people.
  • If you’re worried that you’re in a bad marriage or that you’re wasting too many years on the wrong people, you can change this.
  • And finally, if you’ve realized that on the other side of all of your decisions is you, you can learn to be more accountable and loving to yourself; after all, love starts within.

If you’re dealing with an issue like this, I would be happy to help.  Please reach out by calling my office at 310-314-6933 or sending me a private email.

Two office locations to serve you:

  • 2665 30th St. #217, Santa Monica, CA 90405
  • 3424 Carson Street, Suite 580, Torrance, CA 90503

Do you struggle with:

  • Sleep problems
  • Constant worry
  • Fear of losing control
  • Feeling amped up and irritable
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Emotional reactivity
  • Muscle tension
  • Sciatica
  • “Busy brain,” never stops thinking
  • Stress

Could you be depressed?

  • Avoiding people and places
  • Excessive guilt
  • Loss of pleasure
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Intense unhappiness

Neurofeedback, and a combination of therapies may be able to help.  Your mind and nervous system can be more at ease.  You can feel more resilient and more able to handle life’s challenges.

The process of change often begins with personal crisis and can lead to personal transformation.  Mindy works with you to effectively release and change negative limiting beliefs, undesirable patterns, and resolve old issues that keep you from moving forward.

If you’re dealing with an issue like this, I would be happy to help.  Please reach out by calling my office at 310-314-6933 or sending me a private email.

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC31673)
  • Trained in Neurofeedback EEG
  • Certified in Somatic Experiencing (SEP)
  • Master of Arts in Psychotherapy
  • EMDR Certified

11 thoughts on “Offering Neurofeedback, EMDR & Somatic Experiencing

  1. admin Post author

    What specifically would you like to know? I have a great video on my site here about how neurofeedback therapy works. If you are speaking of talk therapy, please call me at 310-314-6933 and I’d be happy to discuss or set up a free phone consult.

  2. admin Post author

    You have a nice clean site as well. I hope that people are seeking help from you and you consider neurofeedback for your practice. What is it like living in Alaska? It seems like a beautiful place!

  3. Tammie Lozolla

    We have an NPO that seeks to assist children and families that have weight issues with BMI in the overweight to obese range. Have biofeedback therapy been used to assist with the necessary lifestyle changes that are needed for this population? We are looking for ways to make our program unique and effective.

    PS We are located in the Inland Empire.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, neurofeedback does help people with obesity and eating disorders. Would be happy to discuss further, but many of the issues addressed by neurofeedback, help clients achieve a better state of mind and thus control their emotions and cravings more effectively.

  4. Mike Reppucci

    I was wondering. I have done Neurofeedback in the past. The screen i would look at was more of color images that would fade in and out. The research Ive done on other therapist is that they use videos like the one you use. Does in make a difference when veiwing the screen and the effectiveness of the therapy

  5. Margaret Skalski

    Hi Mindy,
    We met recently at City Club tennis, as I work with, your husband Gene, who is awesome! Anyway, he was telling me about your Neurotherapy. I have some issues with anxiety and problems sleeping. I have been taking trazadone for many years. And in the last year and a half I have developed a nervous tic in my moth with my tongue. It s very annoying, persistent and invasive in my mouth. My only relief is , chewing gum, sleep and after a few glasses of wine it seems to subside a bit. But it is non-stop.
    Just wondering if you think this is something that you could help me with? And two, I probably would need ‘sliding scale’ assistance. I am obtaining health insurance but don’t know if this treatment would be covered.
    Thanks, Margaret

  6. Nigel Liebel

    Postpartum psychosis is a separate mental health disorder which is sometimes erroneously referred to as postpartum depression. It is less common than PPD, and it involves the onset of psychotic symptoms that may include thought disturbances, delusions, hallucinations and/or disorganized speech or behavior. The prevalence of postpartum psychosis in the general population is 1—2 per 1,000 childbirths,”:-^

    Please do explore our webpage

  7. admin Post author

    Thank you for your interest in my information and my site. I have been on vacation, sorry for the delayed response to your kind words of interest.


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