How to deal with depression, feeling hopeless and helpless. How to empower yourself.

Middle-aged barefoot woman sitting on the floor embracing her knees, near the sofa at home, her head down, bored, troubled with domestic violence.

9 Reasons Why Depression Is Hard To Understand

Explaining why depression is hard to understand to those who don’t experience it is like explaining childbirth to fathers. Its all-consuming nature is grossly misunderstood, and its clinical roots are overlooked by a judging public. Small wonder, then, that the stigma toward mental illness is so widespread and perpetuated. And how unfortunate for those who suffer that…

Alternative Depression Treatments

Alternative Depression Treatments

Insomnia is a symptom of depression. Insomnia involves the following symptoms: If you wake up in the night and have difficulty going back to sleep. If you have difficulty falling asleep. If you wake up too early and cannot return to sleep at all.The lack of sleep over time can cause further feelings of “blah”…