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Ways Neurofeedback Can Help Heal Chemo Brain Fog

You’re not just imagining chemo brain fog! We now know that cancer and its treatment causes changes in your brain. It’s common for you to have a cloudy mind, chemo brain, during and after treatment. Often, your fogginess will fade shortly after chemo ends. But, for many, it lingers for several months to several years or more. Before 2000, doctors thought that chemotherapy medications could not cross the blood-brain barrier. Cognitive problems, therefore, could not be caused [...]

What Depression Does To Your Body And How To Overcome It

Depression causes you to have low mood, leaving you irritable and feeling persistently hopeless and helpless. What depression does to your body is something that has been researched and linked to many physical conditions such as heart disease, inflammation, and chronic pain. You might not realize that depression takes a toll on your body, especially if you’ve been dealing with it for a long time. Symptoms of depression can be part of grief from the death [...]

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9 Reasons Why Depression Is Hard To Understand

Explaining why depression is hard to understand to those who don’t experience it is like explaining childbirth to fathers. Its all-consuming nature is grossly misunderstood, and its clinical roots are overlooked by a judging public. Small wonder, then, that the stigma toward mental illness is so widespread and perpetuated. And how unfortunate for those who suffer that the social stigma becomes internalized, creating a self-stigma that only exacerbates the suffering. Depression affects over 300 million people [...]

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Are Anxiety And Depression Treatable? Yes, And Here’s Where To Start

When you’re feeling inexplicably sad or chronically worried, life may seem too dark to see a bright side. Are anxiety and depression treatable? The answer is a reassuring ‘yes.’ The part of that ‘yes’ you may not want to hear is that treatment isn’t accomplished with a bandaid or a week in bed. It’s a process -- a journey into what can sometimes feel like foreign territory. It’s a journey into you. And unlike treatments for [...]

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Two Strategies To Cope For Times When Depression Comes Out of Nowhere

If you’ve suffered from depression, you know how debilitating it can be, especially when it comes out of nowhere. If you’ve gone through depression, and come out the other end, it’s such a relief to finally feel better. But what can you do when depression comes out of nowhere? The hopelessness and helplessness you already feel, can start to feel even worse. Depression makes you feel like giving up, like nothing matters anymore. Especially when you’ve [...]

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How Depression Hurts Your Relationship? (And What To Do When It Does)

Depression can be caused by many different life events, such as the death of a loved one, work problems, emotional abuse or even an unresolved traumatic event.  Feeling powerless and hopeless in your life, and not being able to resolve it, can be detrimental to your relationship. Sometimes you might not even know what you are feeling down about, and getting to the bottom of it will be crucial to a better future. How can depression [...]

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How Neurofeedback Can Help You Deal With Depression Without Medication

Depression is a real illness which includes many symptoms, including physical ones. Many people want to heal their symptoms of depression without medication. This plan can, of course, work with the right supports in place. Below you'll find a detailed explanation of what depression is plus how neurofeedback can help. To begin, some people do not feel sadness but feel very irritable instead. If you have been experiencing any of the following signs or symptoms of [...]

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Alternative Depression Treatments

Insomnia is a symptom of depression.  Insomnia involves the following symptoms: If you wake up in the night and have difficulty going back to sleep. If you have difficulty falling asleep. If you wake up too early and cannot return to sleep at all. The lack of sleep over time can cause further feelings of "blah" or hopelessness about the future, your family, or life in general.  At some point, without treatment, these feelings can escalate [...]

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