Ways Neurofeedback Can Help Heal Chemo Brain Fog

You’re not just imagining chemo brain fog! We now know that cancer and its treatment causes changes in your brain. It’s common for you to have a cloudy mind, chemo brain, during and after treatment. Often, your fogginess will fade shortly after chemo ends. But, for many, it lingers for several months to several years or more. Before 2000, doctors thought that chemotherapy medications could not cross the blood-brain barrier. Cognitive problems, therefore, could not be caused [...]

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How Neurofeedback Helps With Trauma

Neurofeedback helps with trauma. If you are suffering with the serious long-term consequences of trauma, neurofeedback can help. Trauma can impact your relationships, social life, work life and your emotions. Unresolved trauma can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can impact your mind and body, but especially the brain. Neurofeedback Helps With Trauma From Childhood Wounds Severe childhood abuse, neglect and abandonment, known as developmental trauma, is one of the most difficult mental health [...]

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