Santa Monica Neurofeedback Therapist, Mindy Fox, Treats Sciatica

Numerous requests for relief from sciatica drive neurofeedback treatment in Santa Monica practice

Santa Monica, Calif. (August 11, 2011) – Mindy Fox, a highly regarded neurofeedback therapist in Southern California, announced today that her practice continues its rapid growth due to demand from pain brought on by sciatica. The growth is an indicator of market demand for alternative, natural and safe treatment for pain related conditions.
In many cases, relief from sciatica using neurofeedback can be significant.  In one recent case, a female client who has long suffered said that on a scale of 1 to 10, her pain went from a 7 down to a 2 in three sessions.  Although research studies do not exist to support this treatment, many clients have little choice.  According to Henrik Weber, M.D., “Elective surgery is the main option for unilateral sciatica and focuses on removal of the underlying cause by removing disk herniation and eventually part of the disc.”  (1983). “Lumbar disc herniation. A controlled, prospective study with ten years of observation”. Spine 8 (2): 131–140.  According to England’s National Health Service, medications do little to relieve the pain and causes of sciatica.

“Our practice has expanded into unexpected areas, such as treatment of sciatica,” said Mindy Fox, LMFT and Santa Monica neurofeedback therapist. “Many patients who we treat are at the end of their rope.  They do not want to have surgery, but the pain caused by the sciatic nerves has left them with a lower quality of life than they are willing to accept.”
Instead of going under the knife, neurofeedback therapy is completely non-invasive and has no lasting side effects.  “Think of it as exercise for the brain,” said Fox. “Neurofeedback therapy strengthens the performance of your brain, so with a little encouragement, it heals itself and returns back to homeostasis.”
Neurofeedback therapy retrains the brain, helping it remember how to deal with nerve pain and more, and can lead to a more relaxed yet alert state of being. Electrodes are placed on the head, and the patient plays a video game or watches a movie or a peaceful scene, depending on their preference. After several sessions, the brain begins to shift itself into a more resilient state.   This allows one’s brain to achieve a healthy state of arousal during stressful situations and even extend its range of normal functioning for improved performance.
Neurofeedback therapy is completely non-invasive. Some patients will see results within a few sessions, but it’s recommended they complete 20 sessions, with three sessions per week. Neurofeedback therapy is a highly individualized treatment that must be tailored to meet every client’s specific needs.
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Mindy Fox is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over nineteen years of experience. With a Master of Arts in Psychotherapy, Fox is also certified in somatic experiencing and trained in neurofeedback EEG (also referred to as eeg biofeedback therapy). Her expertise in psychotherapy, EMDR, and neurofeedback helps her treat clients with attention deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, addiction, and depression issues. Fox employs body-mind therapy techniques such as EMDR, somatic experiencing, guided imagery, and neurofeedback, along with traditional methods to treat clients of all ages. Fox chairs the State CAMFT Trauma Response Committee and served as President of South Bay/Long Beach CAMFT Chapter.  She has offices in Santa Monica and Torrance, California.

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