First Mobile Neurofeedback Therapy Service Available in California

Busy executives avoid burn-out with location-flexible neurofeeback therapy

Beverly Hills, Calif. (December 8, 2010) – Mindy Fox, one of the leading neurofeedback therapists in California, announced today her neurofeedback therapy service is now available to be administered in the comfort of a patient’s home or office.  Fox’s latest move to provide the convenience of a mobile service will improve results for patients whose schedules interfere with regular treatment. The largest benefactors in Fox’s practice are made up of busy executives, stay-at-home parents and those who are otherwise too physically or mentally challenged to make it to Fox’s office on a regular basis.

“Neurofeedback therapy requires a routine schedule of administration for optimal results. However, given today’s unpredictable and busy life style, patients find it difficult to find and dedicate the time,” said Mindy Fox, LMFT based in Los Angeles, California. “Missing several appointments can lead to lesser results and patients fall further behind in the healing process. This unfortunately common scenario can create overall discouragement.”

Over the past two years, Fox’s practice experienced an uptick in patients who were c-level executives. Most sought to combat quickly increasing levels of stress and anxiety. “This group of patients not only wanted to treat the sudden over whelming amounts of stress and anxiety they were experiencing, they also wanted to improve their overall performance and longevity – or avoid burn out if you will,” said Fox.

Fox decided to eliminate the biggest factor that prevented patients from optimal results – lack of time.  Fox requires patients to stick to a regular appointment schedule, but patients can choose where they would like that appointment to take place – saving at least an hour of drive time on average. When asked about the most common location request, Fox said “most patients spend their days at the office so this is a logical choice for most.” However, Fox does stipulate that the space a patient chooses must allow the patient to relax and focus without distractions.

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