How Trauma Affects Relationships Long After The Experience

If you have trauma in your background, you may find that your relationships are adversely affected. How trauma affects relationships is related to your unique experience, but there are also some typical responses. Trauma can take many forms. It can come from a more obvious event such as an earthquake, accident, war or even major surgery. Trauma can also result from assault, abuse, family problems or neglect. This emotional pain can haunt you and is often [...]

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What Depression Does To Your Body And How To Overcome It

Depression causes you to have low mood, leaving you irritable and feeling persistently hopeless and helpless. What depression does to your body is something that has been researched and linked to many physical conditions such as heart disease, inflammation, and chronic pain. You might not realize that depression takes a toll on your body, especially if you’ve been dealing with it for a long time. Symptoms of depression can be part of grief from the death [...]

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How Relationships Affect Happiness Both Positively And Negatively

Happiness. It’s a feeling, an art and even a science. And relationships are often mentioned when happiness is discussed. Since relationships are complex, how relationships affect happiness is a study in itself. There’s no question that love can make you feel good, great, over-the-moon. But you can’t assume that happiness is dependent on love, or that relationships can “make” you happy. It should come as no surprise that satisfying relationships influence the lives of those in [...]

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Can Emotional Abuse Make You Sick? Yes, And Here’s How

The goal of emotional abuse is to control, belittle, isolate and shame you into subservience.  At first, they entrap you with intense romance. Then they slowly isolate you so you become more and more dependent on them. But, can emotional abuse make you sick? Your sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and having your own ideas and perceptions erode. Over time, you lose your autonomy and sense of well-being. When people come to my office, most of the [...]

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What Codependency Looks Like In A Dating Relationship

What codependency looks like is when one person slowly becomes much too dependent on the other person. Over time, one person takes too much responsibility for keeping in touch and connecting. The other person does too little, pulls back and withholds care, time and effort. Often, this will happen early on while dating. As one person withdraws, the other trys to make up for it by over functioning and working way too hard on the relationship. [...]

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9 Reasons Why Depression Is Hard To Understand

Explaining why depression is hard to understand to those who don’t experience it is like explaining childbirth to fathers. Its all-consuming nature is grossly misunderstood, and its clinical roots are overlooked by a judging public. Small wonder, then, that the stigma toward mental illness is so widespread and perpetuated. And how unfortunate for those who suffer that the social stigma becomes internalized, creating a self-stigma that only exacerbates the suffering. Depression affects over 300 million people [...]

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What Are Trauma Triggers And How To Identify Yours

You may be wondering, “what are trauma triggers”? You may have heard about it, but aren’t clear about what a trigger really means. Trauma is defined as a deeply disturbing and terrifying event that is outside the realm of usual experience. It could be a car accident, a natural disaster, or a medical procedure. It can also take the form of assault, emotional or physical abuse or being in combat. Trauma can also come from seeing [...]

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What Emotional Abuse Feels Like When It Starts

It’s not always easy to tell at the beginning of a relationship if it will become emotionally abusive. Naturally, you want to know what emotional abuse feels like so you can spot it right away. At first, your partner may seem perfect. Maybe even too perfect. An emotionally abusive person can come off incredibly charming at first. The charm is what they show to the world. Friends and family might fall for it, too. The emotionally [...]

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Are Anxiety And Depression Treatable? Yes, And Here’s Where To Start

When you’re feeling inexplicably sad or chronically worried, life may seem too dark to see a bright side. Are anxiety and depression treatable? The answer is a reassuring ‘yes.’ The part of that ‘yes’ you may not want to hear is that treatment isn’t accomplished with a bandaid or a week in bed. It’s a process -- a journey into what can sometimes feel like foreign territory. It’s a journey into you. And unlike treatments for [...]

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How Codependency Ruins Relationships Before You Even Know

If you’ve ever been called a codependent before, learning how codependency ruins relationships is a very important issue to look into. It’s not that codependents can’t create successful, happy partnerships, but that some of the core requirements for mutual and sustaining love are not as easy to create. Below you’ll find the core issues most codependents face along with how to address them so you have a better shot at creating and sustaining a happy relationship [...]

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