Mindy Fox, LMFT is a mental health therapist in California. She specializes in anxiety, depression and healing from trauma. Her offices are in Santa Monica and Torrance, CA and she offers teletherapy across the state of California.

A woman struggling with malignant narcissism traits in someone in her life

Malignant Narcissism Traits You Don’t Want To Ignore

Malignant narcissism traits are when narcissism becomes dangerous. It is a combination of narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder and is the most severe form of narcissism. Malignant narcissism traits include having little or no conscience, very little capacity for experiencing shame or guilt, and reduced concern for following societal demands and norms. They…

woman trying to deal with emotionally immature parents

How To Deal With Emotionally Immature Parents

You might be curious about how to deal with emotionally immature parents. If you value connection and are an emotionally intelligent person, growing up with emotionally immature parents was probably a confusing, lonely and painful experience. Your parents might not even be interested in becoming more emotionally mature, so how do you deal with that…